Favorite foods.

The one issue that is not really been an issue in our family is food - until now. My kids will try most anything, they may never try it again but they give it chance. Masha seems to operate under different principles. She will spit just about anything out the first time you give it to her. So, we give it to her again and say "umm" - Michael discovered this worked- and if she likes it, she devours it.

She has a particular dislike for green things - lettuce, spinach, broccoli - that also extends to most fresh foods - strawberries, grapes, apples. She is so adept at spitting out lettuce that it became a game one evening. We had chicken with dressing and salad - oh and fresh grapes. Randy attempted to feed her lettuce and she spit it out. He put chicken and dressing on a spoon with a tiny bit of lettuce and fed it to her. She paused for a minute, concentrated and spit out only the piece of lettuce! Randy tried this several times - always with the same result. In an attempt to outwit her, he tucked a tiny sliver of lettuce into a grape and fed it to her. Down went the grape, out came the lettuce. Michael was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face. Lera took pieces of lettuce and chewed them like a little goat to show us what a good girl she was - she's a little competitive with Masha.

These are a few of my kids favorite things.

Caelia loves ice cream, pizza and popcorn. She signs "movie" and "popcorn" all the time. The top of her favorites is chips and cheese - she has made up her own signs for these, Chips look like "a bit" and cheese is a flourish with her pointer fingers in the air and a huge smile!

Lera used to eat anything. She made a frowny face while eating the ones she hated but she would eat anything in front of her - babyhouse rules, I guess. Now she adores spaghetti or anything with pasta, barbecued pork chops, hamburgers and chocolate. If you offer her something she doesn't like she says "no tank-you" and waves her hand side to side in front of her.

Michael loves crab legs, kettle corn, a chicken hot dish that he calls "slop" and licks his lips for and samsah - sort of goat hot pockets from Russia. Anyone know where we can get samsah in Minnesota?

Masha does have some things that she really likes and will take instantly. She loves grape juice, cookies, ice cream, anything from Caelia and her new favorite, corn on the cob!


Arizona mom to eight said...

Not to tease or anything, but WOW, three posts in a week is great, you have me beat girl!! I am not doing well in Blog world these days.

i LOVE reading all your posts and the lake pictures are wonderful!

Kara was the same way when we brought her home, now she is very picky about certain foods. Namely meat. Amanda would eat what we gave her after a few months of struggle. Meghan likes meat and rarely veggies, so Kara and Meghan are opposites, everyone loves GF pizza though.

Sheila said...

Yeah...well...don't use to it. I've just been feeling guilty for not updating about Masha. She keeps me busy!

Lera will eat anything to make Michael laugh - uh, he's been warned about putting this to the test!

Sheila said...

oops! don't GET used to it...I should have added, I have lost the ability to communicate intelligently with other adults.