We're home!

Back home to 3 very excited children whom we missed like mad. 2/3 of our luggage is still on vacation but the honey and it's "really cool" container (a quote from Michael) and a few of the other wonderful gifts we were given made it home. Our Matroshka with its bottle of vodka is in Randy's suitcase and is still missing in action, along with a suitcoat and 3 pairs of Levis.

I spent much of our first day back cleaning and getting ready to decorate the Christmas tree. Randy spent a great deal of it sleeping. He said he felt hung-over. I guess he was more tired than I was. I will post the rest of the photos when I get a bit of rest.

We already miss Masha. I think we will be taking down the crib. Our little angel is a climber and she would definitely be trying to escape it. So Big Girl Bed or Toddler Bed? That is the question.

Thank you to Masha and Dierda for taking such good care of us while we were in Moscow! We had a wonderful time.


The Adamsons said...

We're glad you made it home safely--sounds like everything went well. Have a wonderful Christmas!

MoonDog said...

you might leave the crib up and turn it to toddler bed and see how it goes. if she loves it great, if she needs the crib you can toss back on the sides, if she hates it you can take it out then but at least you wont have to put it BACK up. I had SOphie in toddler bed and she fell out first night and cant catch herself when she falls so I just put the side back on and she is happy and can flop all night long.

Arizona mom to eight said...

Welcome home, I have been looking for an update, looked at the wrong place!

Both Kara and Amanda are still in cribs, and Kara is 4. She loves her crib. I would use the convertable crib and go from there. I think Kara can transition soon, Amanda, no, she still has issues falling off things.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Our mission said...

When do you go on the 2nd and 3rd trips? We are excited for you!

The Adamsons