Halloween, Weather and a Bit of News

We have gone ahead and decorated for Halloween (we are almost done) but we will not be having a Halloween party this year. There is too much to be done and too many upcoming expenses. It has been a challenge to put up the decorations due to the weather but we couldn't disappoint the kids. I am kind of glad there is no party planned this year - our guests might freeze! We will have a great party next year, I am very sure.

We did add a new addition to our display - the only thing that Caeli and Lera are less than happy about. He moves - so they don't like him after it gets dark - they talk to him in the morning while waiting for the bus, but then the power is off and he is not so scary.

We have an update. Our dossier has been sent to Russia. We are looking forward to receiving our appointment date sometime in the near future and we will let you know when we will be traveling.

My father will be watching our kids while we are gone but it is our understanding that the first trip is under a week in length - much easier than the 17 days we spent in Ukraine our first trip. I think Michael, Caelia and Lera will quite enjoy the time we are gone - they adore Grandpa and Ryan is always fun.

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