August 16, 2009 – From their viewpoint…

This past Christmas, Grandpa gave both girls their own digital cameras. These are great little cameras that stand up to lots of dropping and the buttons are easy to use. The pictures are not the greatest quality but as I uploaded the pictures they had taken, I realized that this showed a side of my babies that they cannot express yet.

Lera took these photos.

And, of course, every artist needs a self portrait. Lera loves to look at herself in the mirror and so this photo was inevitable.
Caelia sees the world a bit differently. These are the photos that she took

Can you tell that she really loves her brother (or brothers if you count Chris as she does) and her sister? .


Alice said...

I love the pictures the girls took! It is fun to see what is impoertant or special to them. Every time I read your blog, I am impressed with the places you visit. We need to get out more often. I'm glad to hear things are back on with M.

The Keno Family said...

Sheila so glad to hear your adoption of Masha is going ahead! I love the girls' pictures!
Mary Ellen Keno

Dolores said...

Terrific pictures!!! I love seeing the pictures kids take.