February 22, 2009 - Has it really been a year?

It has been one year since the Izmayl court declared Lera officially ours. Her orphanage kept her an extra 3 days until my father and I arrived to begin our journey home, but one year ago today was the day the we became a family of 5. And it all started with a picture. This one.I remember the anxiety of the paperwork, the exhausting travel, the strangeness of not being able to read all the signs around me. You wouldn't think it would be disorienting to see the signs and not instantly know what they meant, but it makes you feel isolated and truly on the other side of the earth.
The food was different - even the milk, but you keep a small picture in your heart of two little girls playing and whispering and giggling like best friends and you dutifully follow your translator onto trains, taxis and to a gated facility on the edge of a far away town to meet this beautiful little princess who looks at you, not with adoration but like this:
What a difference knowing that this odd woman that visited and played with you for a short time, who the other children said abandoned you, came BACK to take you HOME - even if you didn't know what that was. This was what greeted me the day I picked her up.It was a difficult journey but so worth each moment. There...
And here.
I look at these photos and dream of 3 giggling little girls having a teaparty under the silver maple tree in the backyard...


AZmomto8 said...

Amazing, i cannot believe it has been a year, I still remember waiting anxiously for your blog updates, the up and downs as well.

Isn't it such a wonderful gift to have a new daughter to cherish and love?

I am hoping and praying you will have three little ones together very soon.

thedickinsonfamily said...

WOW! How exciting for you guys. I am grateful for the pictures you took of Timur just one year ago. NOW it's time for our family to rescue him. In just 5 short days our family of 4 will board a plane to begin the journey of a lifetime. I can not wait to share with you the time we meet him and when it's time to bring him home, were he belongs. I continue to pray for you and the little girl who will soon be joining your tea parties. :) It's so good to have an update from you.
Congratulations on your anniversary and your trip to Vegas!

schoolmother said...

Sheila, I'm so glad I stopped by your blog today!! She has come so far!! The look on her face when you met her to the smiles when you came back for her . . . wow! I'm sorry I don't keep up well but I was just checking to see how your current adoption is going.
Joy, Caleb's mommy (we got home from Ukraine last year on Feb 26)

Christine said...

Wow--- a year already? I love the first picture!

Wendy said...

No Fair!!!!! You found a Baskin Robins! We would have loved that in the 100 degree summer!

It is sad that the country doesn't get it but it is really cool when you see when a person's thought process changes1